About B.A.P

Hi everyone, ….

On December 19th, TS Entertainment announced that their boy group will be named ‘B.A.P‘ (Best, Absolute, Perfect). They stated, “The group of six members Bang Yong guk, Himchan, ZELO, Jong Up, YongJae, and Daehyun, they’re are a B.A.P.

On January 16, The pictures Profile of  Bang Yong Guk (1990.03.31 ) with Dae Hyun (1993.06.28) to be revealed.

Rapper Bang Yong Guk,  shows off his youthful that over flows with charisma. Dae Hyun, whose face has always been hidden behind a mask, is receiving much praise for his good looks. His large eyes, perfect nose, and full lips have given him the nickname ‘Busan’s Wonbin’.

Dae Hyun, is from Busan and is the main vocalist for B.A.P. He is very talented for his age and on top of that his stunning good looks have made him the hidden card for his group.

On January 17, The pictures Profile of  Himchan (1990.04.19) with Yong Jae (1994.01.24) to be revealed.

Himchan, known as the member with a classical instrument background, while Young Jae, who has earned the nickname “Brain” after “Ta-dah, It’s B.A.P.“ Young Jae’s soft and sexy voice is reported to meld well with Himchan’s lower, husky sound.

On January 18, The pictures Profile of  ZELO ( 1996.10.15) with Jong Up (1995.02.06) to be revealed.

Zelo was born in 1996 while Jongup was born in 1995,  Zelo and Jongup the dancers of the group. they’re a good dancer and choreography. ZELO didn’t doubt the ability of the rapper, in successfully anesthetize fans in their first single ‘Warrior’.

B.A.P members have a nickname :  “Inversion Rapper” Bang Yong Guk, “Busan Won Bin” Dae Hyun, “15 year old Genius” Zelo, “Dance Shindong” Jong Up, “Instrument Ulzzang” Himchan, and finally “Brain” Young Jae.




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