B.A.P’s Yongguk dreams of a joint stage with BEAST’s Yoseob

Just a few weeks after their debut, B.A.P has been able to gather a lot of attention from kpop listeners and people in the music business alike.

More recently, the group members were interviewed by The Star, and it was revealed that leader Bang Yongguk has been waiting for a joint stage with BEAST’s Yang Yoseob ever since the two revealed a collaboration song, “I Remember”, last year.

Yongguk mentioned, “Unfortunately, we never had the chance to meet due to BEAST senior’s active schedules. I want to do a joint stage of the duet ‘I Remember’ together with Yang Yoseob senior. Yang Yoseob senior! A lot of fans are waiting and wanting us to have a duet stage for once (laughter)”

“I Remember was revealed last August and received lots of praise. Both artists never performed the song live, until Yongguk was able to perform it with fellow group member Daehyun instead of BEAST’s Yoseob during B.A.P’s debut showcase.

What do you think of a live performance of “I Remember” featuring Yoseob?

Source: TS Undercover and The Star Via Koreaboo


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