INTERVIEW : 120212 B.A.P Himchan, ‘Traditional Ulzzang? All the students knew.’

Through their debut song ‘Warrior’ stirring up the artist world, super new group B.A.P’s sub vocal Himchan who is in charge of visuals.

“Yeah…I think I’ve stuck to that type of nickname of someone who is looked after well by hoobaes. (Following that, give a present too right?) On the anniversary, I was definitely happy to receive many presents. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever expressed my thanks. Thank you, hoobaes (laugh)”

Unique star stories, ‘The Star’ (www.the-star.co.kr), after the 6 talented members of boy group B.A.P’s HD interviews are released on the 18th, will have a giveaway of autographed 1st single album <Warrior> (6 copies) and Polaroid pictures (6 copies), B.A.P’s logo engraved on a Galaxy Case (6 copies) through comments made on the article. This will be from the 18th until March 2nd, announcement will be on March 5th.

Name: Kim Him Chan
Bloodtype: Type O
Family members: Dad, Mom, Older sister, Me
Schools from Birth: Yoojin Kindergarten – Chungam Elementary – Gukak National Middle School – Gukaka National High School – Korean National University of Arts
Hobbies/Specialties: Shopping (Pretty clothes, Finding items)/Guitar?
Personality: Gentle, Pacifist, and peaceful guy. When I’m cheerful I lose my mind.
Opportinity by becoming a member: I have passed the phase of being a trainee through becoming a member of B.A.P.
Ideal type: Good-natured girl
Role model: None. I want to make my own.*
Music you enjoy: Urban, R&B
Habits you often do: Calculating how much I eat in a day, thinking about song melodies, tunes to songs
Usual fashion style: Showy? Street
Close entertainer: Secret sunbae
Favorite food: Japanese food
Favorite color: Black, Gold, Red
Favorite number: 1
Place you go to often: Company, Dorm
Favorite Movie: <Wish>, <Breatheless>, <Sweet Bitter Life>, <I’m going to meet her now>**
Motto: Work while working and rest when you’re resting. Always do your best.

*T/N: He means he wants to become his own role model.
**T/N: This is the translation, but I think the official English title is “Be With You”.

Source: The Star Chosun
Translation: daejeon @TSUndercover


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