B.A.P reveals Profile for Yongguk and Daehyun

With only 10 days to their debut, TS Entertainment revealed the first set of concept pictures for the group’s upcoming debut release.

After having been hiding behind a mask before, member Daehyun’s picture is revealed next to that of rapper and leader Bang Yongguk (’90). Daehyun (’93) was earlier revealed to be one of the group’s lead vocalists, next to Youngjae.

With revealing these new pictures ahead of the group’s official debut, TS Entertainment has officially revealed the group’s 4th member Daehyun. Bang Yongguk himself was first revealed through a collaboration with Secret’s Jieun, while Himchan (’90) was chosen as an MC for MTV The Show halfway 2011. Later the same year, Yongguk returned in the form of a subunit with the group’s youngest member, Zelo (’96).

Members Youngjae (’94) and Jongup (’95) are set to be revealed through other concept pictures later this week.

Sc : Koreaboo


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