[INFO] TS Entertainment will begin revealing profiles of each B.A.P members starting the 16th

With a little more then 2 weeks remaining until the official debut of TS Entertainment’s male group, B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect), fans and onlookers will be excited to hear that the wait is soon over, as teasers and the members profile will soon be released.

According to TS Entertainment, B.A.P will be releasing their 1st currently untitled single on January 26th. Beginning January 16th, the official profiles of two members will be revealed each day until the 18th.

Zelo and Daehyun’s profile will be the first set to be released, followed by Himchan and Yongjae, and finally Bang Yongguk and Jongeop.

Two days following the release of their debut single, B.A.P will perform at their debut showcase.

B.A.P have already released a short teaser during the end-of-the-year awards, revealing each members, who’s faces are hidden behind masks. Thus far, only 3 members (Bang Yoonguk, Himchan, Zelo) have officially been revealed.

Bang Yongguk was first featured in Secret Jieun’s solo comeback last year, followed by his own debut solo single “I Remember.” Himchan has been busy as the MC for MTV’s “The Show,” while Zelo joined Bang Yongguk in promotions as a sub-unit and released the song “Never Give up.”

Currently, B.A.P’s reality show “Tadah! It’s B.A.P” began airing on SBS-MTV. The show follows the members of the group as they followed their daily schedule, giving fans insight on the group prior to their debut.

Are you looking forward to B.A.P’s debut at the end of the month?

Source: Koreaboo, OFFICIALTSENT



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