B.A.P. to debut early next year through big showcase event

Upcoming group B.A.P., which stands for “Best, Absolute, Perfect”, will be having their blockbuster debut showcase early next year.

Agency TS Entertainment stated on December 20th that Bang Yong Guk will act as leader to a 6-member boy band. They revealed, “On January 28, 2012, there will be a large-scale showcase at the Jang-Choong Gymnasium, free of charge.” The same gymnasium has previously been used as a concert hall for Epik High, Jay Park, and Kim Hyun Joong.

Though groups are usually given small spaces for their debut showcase, B.A.P. is receiving a lot of attention for having their first showcase in such a large arena, especially when considering that news of the fees for the stage, instrument preparation, and the advertising as well as marketing for the event. A representative from TS Entertainment stated, “As its the first place that B.A.P. will be revealing themselves to the world, we’ve prepared a space for the best greeting.”

He went on, “Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc., press and media, album crew, concert crew, and fans, around 3,000 in total are planned to be allowed to enter.”

Bang Yong Guk is currently a cast member of MBC‘s ‘Our One Night – Looloo Lala‘. He also released the single “Never Give Up” recently with the group’s youngest member Zelo. Member Himchan is also acting as host of ‘The Show‘. The three other members of B.A.P. are yet to be revealed.

Source: TS Entertainment Via Allkpop


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