Bang Yong Guk scores his first role in a variety program

One of the most anticipated rookie artists, Bang Yong Guk, will become a permanent guest on MBC‘s ‘Our One Night’ along withG.NA.

TS Entertainment stated, “Bang Yong Guk has joined the follow up program to ‘Carried By the Wind’ as a permanent guest, and finished his first recording on the 22nd.”

‘Carried By the Wind’, which featuresI Am A Singer’ star Im Jae Bum, will be airing its final episode in December; MBC will then air ‘Our One Night’ to fill its space. The new show is already gaining interest due to the rumored appearances by veteran artists like Kim Gun Mo and Cho PD, in addition to idols like Bang Yong Guk, G.NA, and KARA’s Gyuri.

They will also be joined by comedians like Kim Yong Man, Jung Hyun Dong, Ji Sang Ryul, and Kim Shin Young, who will help make the show even more fun.

Although this was Bang Yong Guk’s first appearance on a variety program, he’s said to have held up well by showcasing his various talents including beatboxing and rap.

One of the production team members stated, “From what we’ve heard, Bang Yong Guk had stayed up 2 nights in a row for the filming of a music video. However, he worked hard during the filming without showing any signs of being tired… From all aspects, he is a rookie that we’re anticipating the most.”

Bang Yong Guk, who has already caused stir in the music industry with his duets, ‘Going Crazy‘ featuring Song Ji Eun and ‘I Remember‘ with B2ST‘s Yang Yoseob. He will be releasing a digital single on December 2nd with the other members of his group.

Source : Allkpop


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