Luna, Hyosung, and now Hyeri – Kim Him Chan becomes a ladykiller!

He hasn’t officially debuted yet, but Kim Him Chan is quickly becoming quite the ladies’ man! This uhlzzang from a traditional music school became one of the hosts for MTV‘s music program, “The Show“. Consequently, he’s paired up with a bevy of beautiful girl idols as his co-hosts.

Kim Him Chan previously revealed photos of himself with SECRET‘s Hyosung and f(x)‘s Luna, and now he’s shared a new selca with his latest co-host, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri.

On September 24th, “The Show” made its way to the Gyeongido Kwangju Royal Family Ceramics Festival. As the one of the show’s main MCs, Him Chan led the event with his co-hosts Hyosung, Luna, and Hyeri, which caused many male fans to look upon him with jealousy.

On September 29th, Him Chan tweeted,

Revealing a picture I took with industry senior Hyeri at last week’s ‘The Show’ recording! Wow! Starting from senior Luna to senior Hyosung and now to senior Hyeri. “Princess’ Man” has been a trend lately, so am I a ladies’ man? I’m happy!

Him Chan showed off his leadership skills as he helped Hyeri with her first MC experience. Currently, Him Chan is undergoing preparations to debut in a idol group with TS Entertainment labelmate, Bang Yong Gook.

Source : Him Chan twitter


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