Bang Yong Guk cheers on fellow group member Kim Him Chan at MTV’s ‘The Show’

Rapper Bang Yong Guk recently expressed that he was a little jealous of fellow member Kim Him Chan, after it was revealed that Him Chan would be joining SECRET‘s Hyosung as the new MC for MTV Korea‘s ‘The Show‘.

Bang Yong Guk tweeted a photo of the two from backstage, “Host Him Chan, who has just finished his first recording of ‘The Show’, I want to commend you! And next to Hyosung as well! They say that being jealous is the same as losing, but I am! Hyosung, I’ll do my best too! Still we have to stick together.”

Fans commented, “Your cuteness is surprising, complete cutie,” “Wow, you two are so handsome, whose sons are you,” and “I want to see TS Entertainment’s 5-member boy band soon, fighting!”

A lot of fans are interested in Him Chan in particular, as he’s rumored to be an “ulzzang” at his high school, which specializes in classical Korean music. Him Chan and Bang Yong Guk are preparing for their debut with three other yet-to-be-named group members next year. They share the same agency (TS Entertainment) as popular girl group SECRET.

Source + Photo: Bang Yong Gook’s Twitter

via allkpop


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