Bang Yong Guk releases BTS photos + Video from “I Remember” MV


After stunning music fans with an impressive duet track featuring B2ST‘s Yoseob, rapper Bang Yong Guk has returned with three new photos from the set of his music video, “I Remember“.

Fans just can’t seem to get enough of this rising rookie star, as every new release has been met with widespread internet attention. The BTS pictures revealed on his official fancafe show shots of him taking part in interviews, getting styled, and smiling sweetly for the camera.

For this transformation, Bang Yong Guk went through a 5 kg weight loss, which definitely shows in his lanky frame. Fans commented, “He’s so charming when he smiles. He looks sweet yet powerful, so many charms in one”, “Such a beautiful smile”, “I love his red hair”, and “Looks like I’m not sleeping tonight!”

Due to popular request, he also released a 1:30 minute-long cut of his “I Remember” music video (the one deemed inappropriate by KBS) through his official fancafe.



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