Bang Yong Guk lands in the Top 10 with “I Remember”

Nicknamed the ‘reversal rapper’ by fans, rapper Bang Yong Guk from TS Entertainment is already showing signs of becoming a huge star.

Just moments after his song ”I Remember” was released, it immediately landed in the top 10 on digital charts and search portal rankings on Melon, Bugs, and Naver.

As a rookie who’s just made his debut, this is definitely an exceptional feat, as other rookies have trouble ranking even in the top 100 with their debut tracks.

Considering the slew of big name comebacks like 2NE1, Super Junior, miss A, and SISTAR, the fact that Bang Yong Guk secured a spot in the top 10 is remarkable in itself.

There’s also a severe shortage of male soloists in the industry, so representatives are already regarding him as the next big rookie to continue in the steps of those before him.

Netizens commented, “The combination of Bang Yong Guk’s low rapping and Yang Yoseob’s voice is fantastic”, “They’re an amazing combination”, and “I’d love to hear this live.”

Via Allkpop


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