Bang Yong Guk leaves an audio message for fans

On April 18th, rapper Bang Yong Guk of TS Entertainment‘s upcoming boy band left an audio message for his fans in order to thank them for their support.

Fans melted over his deep, husky voice and sweet message, so check it out below!

Bang Yong Guk:

“What’s up, baby! Hello, this is Bang Yong Guk. Yes, nice to see you all! Have you all been well? I’ve just finished promotions for ‘Going Crazy‘ and am focusing on my rehearsals again. I’ve always wanted to thank everyone for the love and support I received during promotions. I’ll work hard to repay the love by becoming a great musician.

Also, please look forward to our five member group! And my fansite, I do monitor it a lot and read all of the comments, so I’ll try to leave more replies when I have time. I hope that you’ll visit often, know what I’m saying?

Anyway, thank you so much, and I love you. One last thing before I go – ‘You, you, you, can’t ever get away from me!’ Bye, let’s meet again.”

Via Allkpop


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