SECRET’s Song Ji Eun & Bang Yong Guk share their feelings on concluding “Going Crazy”

Having concluded her solo promotions for “Going Crazy” this week, SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun and her labelmate rapper, Bang Yong Guk, recently met with reporters and bid their fans farewell.

From the backstage of KBS‘s “Music Bank,” Ji Eun stated, “I didn’t have a lot of expectations for my solo promotions, so I’m glad that the public showed so much love for the song.  I just wish that I had a bit more time to promote it. I was sick with a cold all month long, which hindered my ability to perform at my best for my mere three weeks of promotions. I’ve definitely realized the importance of health management.”

She continued, “If there’s anything I’ve gained from this experience, it’s that I’ve learned to better express myself with the help of Bang Yong Guk. From here on out, I’ll be focusing on SECRET’s upcoming album, so please wait just two more months.”

Rapper Bang Yong Guk commented, “I’ve realized that actually being on stage is vastly different from everything I’ve rehearsed for and that I still have more to learn. If there’s anything I’m disappointed in, it’s that I wish I had written the lyrics a bit better. I knew that I didn’t express the actions of a true stalker as well as I could have, and I’m regretful that I couldn’t show more on stage.”

With a laugh, he concluded, “I’ll now be going back to my original position as a trainee. I’d like to thank all of the fans who have supported us and shown their love.”

Source:  Naver Via allkpop


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