TS Entertainment reveals past photos of Ji Eun’s rapper, Bang Yong Guk

Due to the explosive popularity that Song Ji Eun’s rapper, Bang Yong Guk, has been receiving with his featured part in her solo song, “Going Crazy“, TS Entertainment released his past photos to build up anticipation for his debut.

As previously reported, Bang Yong Guk is a trainee under TS Entertainment who is scheduled to debut in the second half of 2011 as a member of a boy band.

Netizens excitedly commented, “These pictures from his past are just as amazing”, “He’s such a hottie”, and “I hope he debuts really fast!”

Despite being a trainee, Bang Yong Guk carries more than enough experience from his days in the underground hip hop scene.  Yong Guk promoted under the name ‘Jepp Blackman‘ as the maknae of the esteemed indie hip hop crew/label, Soul Connection.  Fans of his underground work can rest assured, as Csp clarified that Jepp will be remaining with the crew while on contract with TS.

Source + Photos: Newsen, @csp86


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